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About Us

We believe in a quality product being our top priority while maintaining a great honest builder/client relationship. If you’re looking for something unique and/or different, this is what we do. Anything from entry level, to extremely demanding/custom building projects is what we love doing.

Call us your "Family builder". Anyone can build a house…Not everyone can build a home. We believe that your home should be a reflection of you, not a replica of your neighbour. You are unique, and your home should reflect as such. We combine strong company-client communication with expert building standards. Our goal is to provide you the customer with a custom, quality product, as well as a positive building experience.

We also offer extremely flexible building options, some clients prefer to take a few projects on themselves or may be friends/family to someone they would like to hire. We will be more than happy to work with you in this regards and manage the project so end results meet our building standards and time lines.

At BDE we don’t advertise, we are a purely word of mouth kind of company. Our business depends on our attention to detail, expertise and top notch service. It isn’t a designers/decorator or a salesmen building your project, it’s carpenters, apprentices & qualified tradespeople doing so. We use the highest quality sub trades to make sure they meet the Blue Diamond standards. Our goal is to supersede your expectations every time, in so keeping our business growing.

Collin Gagnon

Meaning of Blue Diamond: A Blue Diamond is a pure and structurally perfect diamond. We believe this quality and craftsmanship is reflected upon every one of our projects

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  • National Home Warranty
  • SeCor Certified
  • Journey person Carpenters and Apprentices
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